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Business and Management Training Programmes

Business and Management Trainers - The Key to Our Success.

Our trainers facilitate, coach and guide learning – they do not lecture. CTS trainers are specialists in their respectable fields and are dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of our delegates through practical, interactive and applicable training.

Each trainer is selected for a particular course based upon their skills, area of expertise, training style, commercial industry experience and proven results. We employ both foreign and Vietnamese trainers depending on the language of delivery. Workshops can be conducted in  English, Vietnamese and other languages.

Training Methods and Materials

CTS blends a range of learning methods to ensure the most appropriate and challenging experience for each participants.

Our training style/approach is interactive and participative, ensuring that participants play a full part in the learning process thus making the training experience both stimulating and effective.

The delivery methods are varied using the appropriate medium – power point, audio and video, role-plays, flip-charts, case studies etc.

All courses are accompanied by original written material which serves to reinforce and complement the classroom delivery. Wherever possible client specific examples are used as references or case studies.

Training with CTS is relevant, effective and enjoyable.

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