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Leadership Programmes

Programmes Available

CTS offers the following Customised Leadership Programmes for organisations:

  • Leadership Skills for Team Leaders

  • Leadership Skills for Supervisors

  • Leadership Skills for Front Line Managers

  • Leadership Skills for Mid-Managers

  • Leadership Skills for Senior Managers

Programme Design

CTS leadership programmes are designed and developed in close cooperation with its clients. The leadership programmes are designed to integrate training and development within the organisation’s strategic plans and goals.

Our approach is consultative and solution based to ensure that we identify, design, deliver and evaluate the most appropriate solution for your organisation.

CTS leadership programmes are practical and hands-on, providing all participants a chance to practice ideas, concepts, tools and techniques within the safe environment of the programme and to integrate these back into their jobs.


The programmes have a blended learning approach to appeal to all learning styles, and to integrate learning cognitively, emotionally and behaviorally. Programme approaches include mini-lectures, large and small group discussions, assessments and benchmarking, project team work, experiential exercises, simulations, action plan development for applications back on the job, and post-programme follow-up.

Important features of CTS Leadership Programmes

  • Competencies are linked to the organisation’s goals
  • Training is customised to the organisation
  • The emphasis is on workplace learning
  • Assessment of competencies occurs on-the-job

Benefits for Individuals

  • Increased understanding of why learning is important
  • Enhanced knowledge of how the new skills and behaviors will improve their lives and contributions to the organisation
  • Engaging learning processes that leverage the use of multiple mediums
  • Improved on-the-job application in approaching daily work, goals, and challenges
  • More control over their own learning process
  • Learning transforms from an event to a process that is linked to strategic objectives

Benefits for the Organisations

  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Improved agility in change implementation
  • Enhanced business processes
  • Increased retention of key talent
  • Improved profitability
  • Reduced classroom time and costs
  • Rapid converting of learning into action and results
  • Improved links between training, knowledge sharing, and on-the-job collaboration
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