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Outdoor Team Building

CTS delivers tailored team building events for teams of all sizes, from half-day sessions to multi-day team building programmers. Our adaptable events are customised for specific outcomes that are defined by the client. Our sessions show groups how to achieve goals that at first seemed impossible.

Tailored Team Building Events

We design each team building activity to fit the particular needs of your team. Different team building activities yield different outcomes. The activities typically involves each team being given an objective to complete. They will have limited time and resources and additional obstacles will be thrown in their way. The team members will be expected to succeed in spite of the obstacles – just like at work.

 CTS uses the following Learning Approach when implementing and designing team building events: 


Goal Setting – Establish desired outcomes


Awareness – Appreciating the relationship between peers and co-workers


Trust – Accepting that for the goals of the “big picture”, all have a trusted role


Cooperative Activities - Exercises that require group cohesion and foster a sense of accomplishment 


Group Challenge – Problem solving activities which tie group experience to the employment setting 


Extended Challenge – Challenge activities which encourage participants to stretch themselves beyond perceived limits


Transference/Application – After Action Reviews for learning transference and/or follow-up phases after an experience 

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